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Daily Schedule

 Our 2017-2018 Class Schedule


7:45 -Doors open for breakfast and morning holding in cafeteria

8:15 -Students enter classroom – morning routine

       (set up room, binders, homework check, notes, warm up activities)

 8:15 -Announcements

 8:25 -Prepare and Travel to Specials

 8:30-9:20 -Specials Rotation/Conference

   --science, PE, art, PE, music, computer--

 9:25-9:35- Calendar-Math Concepts, Chit Chat

9:35- 10:05- Writing

10:05-10:35- Social Studies

10:35-11:45- Restroom/Prepare for lunch

10:45-11:15- Lunch

11:15-1:15- Balanced Literacy- Guided reading,workstations, Word work,Comprehension Reading strategies

1:15- 1:30- Science

1:30-2:00- Recess

2:00- 2:15- Snack/ Restroom

2:15-2:30- Finish Science 

2:30-3:30 Math- Warm-up/ Math Word Problem/Math Concepts

3:30- 3:35- Prepare for dismissal

3:35 -Begin Dismissal Procedures


**Computer Lab(I-station)-

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

**Library -Monday’s


Kelsey Pagel

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