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Kelsey Pagel

Welcome to Ms. Pagel's Kindergarten Classroom!!

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Room #111



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 Please check your child's Binder daily and return it the next school day. Folders will be sent home on Thursdays with important information/ work from the week. Please remove all papers and return the folders on Friday! 

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Phonics: Letters and sounds, CVC and CvCE words

Sight words: they, that, with

Previous sight words: 

the, of, and, a, to, in, me, like,not, yes, we, look, can, my, said, is , you, it, go, has, see, he, was, for, on, 

all, her, do, are, as, his, with, I, be, at, they, good, no, so, come ,play, two, she, make, him, this, have, or,

from, how, but, saw, off, your, fast, will, from, one, had, by, word, here, little , ask, take, out, jump, too , want

could, find, our, what

Word study: Long  and short vowels 

Math: Financial Literacy 

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